Hair & Body Fragrance Oil
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Hair & Body Fragrance Oil

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Made with Sweet Almond Oil & Vitamin E

Hydrating, Protective & Nourishing.

Fragrance Options:
"Luca" - Made with nostalgic notes of coffee and chocolate in Paris in the spring of 2015. A deep & warm fragrant blend perfect for dinners and evenings.
"Rafael, my love" - Made with flowery notes of a Singapore summer. An uplifting & elegant fragrant blend perfect for lunches and daytime use.
Not your average hair oil, this fragrance oil and nourishing hair oil in-one provides multiple benefits to dry, brittle hair but is also gentle enough for skin use to keep you fragrant all day. 

A blend of all natural oils containing essential fatty acids and absolutely no synthetic-fragrance.

Apply onto pulse points and on ends of hair to:

  • Hydrate hair & Reduce breakage.
  • Protect hair from brittleness.
  • Increase moisture and shine.
  • Add a lovely fragrance for all day use.


Vitamin E: Used to protect hair locks from brittleness and environmental damage. Increases hydration and shine.
Sweet Almond Oil: Contains omega-3 fatty acids which help to strengthen hair strands as well as provide nourishing benefits to the skin.