Hormone Balancing Oil
Hormone Balancing Oil
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Hormone Balancing Oil

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Made with Moringa, Noni and our signature blend of herbal essential oils.

Protective & Nourishing. 

Our Best Selling Balancing oil for face and body is your go-to product for overall restoration, hydration, and balancing of skin tone, texture and excessive dryness or oiliness

Made with Marula oil to provide essential fatty acids to help nourish and reduce inflammation and redness of acne. Locally sourced Moringa and Australian Noni for reducing scarring and dark, uneven pigmentations. And our signature blend of herbal oils to help control hormonal acne flare-ups and provide a protective layer of nutrients such as Vitamin C and Magnesium.

Apply twice daily to achieve:

  • Balance of oiliness and dryness.
  • Reduced break outs and redness.
  • Increased moisture and plumpness.
  • Clearer, more balanced skin tone and complexion.
Ingredients & Benefits:
Marula Oil: Contains amino acids and antioxidants Vitamin E & C, which have moisturizing and anti-aging properties. Used as a protective oil for hundreds of years on the skin and hair.

Moringa Oil: Contains naturally occurring Vitamin A to help boost collagen production and Vitamin C to protect from free radical damage. 

Noni Oil: Contains naturally occurring Vitamins A & C, and phytonutrients to encourage improved tone and elasticity of skin.

Witch Hazel: Contains compounds and tannins that help to reduce inflammation and redness as well as acts as a natural astringent on the skin by keeping excess oil in balance. 

Thyme Oil: An oil known to have hormonal balancing effects on progesterone and helps to reduce acne-causing bacteria on the skin.

Sandalwood Oil: A favorite of Ayurvedic oils which contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce redness and provide protection to skin, as well as having balancing effects on the testosterone hormone for both men and women. 

Clary Sage Oil: Helps to reduce cortisol stress levels by 36% and has balancing effects on thyroid and estrogen hormones. Also helps to reduce acne-causing bacteria on the skin.

Tea Tree Oil: A known antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory essential oil that helps to reduce reoccurring acne flare ups and redness associated with cystic acne.